Services Offered

Bessette Chiropractic offers the finest chiropractic services available in the area.  The office is run by Dr. Timothy Bessette who cares for all the patients in the office.  Each patient is treated as an individual.  Everyone comes to the office from a different point of reference with their own unique situation.  We listen, try to understand and then formualte a program to help each patient achieve their health goal.

Spinal Adjustment

Spinal adjustments are our primary focus of care.  We also incoporate specific spinal structural rehabilitation to support the adjustment and reduce the return of spinal subluxations. 


Neuromuscular Re-Education

NMRE is another service that we provide.  NMRE is specifically designed to help improve range of motion, reduce muscle spasm and speed the healing process as well as regain structural integrity to joints.


Other Services

  • On-Premise X-Ray Facility
  • SEMG (Surface EMG and Thermal Scan
    (see first visit)