Meet the Doctor

Dr. Tim Bessette

Hi, I'm Dr. Tim Bessette I'm a 1992 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic. I opened my practice in Villa Park, Illinois in February 1993. I would like to believe that my style of chiropractic is unique because I practice true chiropractic. When this type of chiropractic is practiced the results are amazing! People with low back pain, neck pain or headaches experience less pain. However, the real difference is that families are healthier, relationships with children and loved ones improve and our community becomes healthier. You see, I live by the motto "Healthier People, Healthier Planet!" If we adhere to the true definition of health, a healthy person would never abuse a child or spouse, they would not commit a crime or take another's life. This is how I look at my life as a Chiropractor.